Sunday, September 4, 2011


Mornings are the best times! 
I should say, they are the best of times when one is able to simply relax and get ready and a leisurely pace.
That is my morning this morning.
While sitting on my cozy sofa, sipping hot/warm orange juice, journaling, and reading my Bible I listened to instrumental hymns and just enjoyed my time (actually, I am still enjoying my time...just eating breakfast now).

Yesterday was a beautifully successful day!  Kristy, Steph, and I went to Barnes & Noble and did homework all afternoon!  It was refreshing to be off campus in a new atmosphere, especially with them!

Becky is coming for a visit today.  I haven't seen her in so long!  I am looking forward to, hopefully, having a cozy chat together!

Oh, did I mention, Vogue's Fall edition with 758 pages of Fall fashion is out?
If you were wondering, yes, I did buy it.  It is ginormous and I cannot wait to browse it while my yummy Mulled Apple Cider candle melts and makes my room smell delightful!

And...I was trying to find a picture of a cozy/nice bedroom that I would love to lounge about in....and, out of many I finally just decided to do this one because I can absolutely see myself in it.  Yes, I do like pink, just not as much as people think I still do.  But, I did choose this room because it fit the best after clicking through some pictures that were not quite right (not saying this is perfect). 

Ok, now that I have defended my revoir!


  1. So, what would you change? The bed frame to cast iron?

    Love your post. Love you.

  2. I. Want. That. Bedroom!

    Love your blog (:
    I love pink too! <3



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