Monday, September 19, 2011


My morning began rather early. I awoke early and eventually decided to go ahead and crawl out of bed.  So, just as the clock was about to strike six (figuratively speaking) I started my morning.

Since I went to IKEA on Saturday I did not get as much homework completed as I really should have, so, I was able to get a good bit done this morning!

I had made arrangements to babysit for some ladies in my church this morning, but at the last minute plans changed so I stayed put and did some more homework...oh, and watched an episode of White Collar.

Did I mention it still feels like fall despite what the weather forecasted?  I also think my weatherbug app on my computer is off because if definitely does not feel like 70 degrees outside.

So, I am craving fashion.
Except...the 70's and 80's are coming back. 
I can deal with 70's, but the 80's?  Really?

Ooo, yesterday Hannah, Kathleen, and I had a tea party!
Ok, not a full-fledged tea party, but we used me pretty rose tea set : )
Thank you, Mama!


  1. You're most welcome! xoox

  2. I think that the 80's should definitely stay where they the 80's! Great blog. :]


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