Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wedding Weekend!

The weekend was simply marvelous!

Friday Mama and I drove to VA via Ikea and Aldi (say hello to German memories!)!
After arriving I left almost immediately for Liberty to visit three friends!  It was so great!  I came to find out that their dorms make a giant triangle!  Yes, I love connections!

Alright, so, thanks to dinner with Dimitri and friends on Friday night, I now know what Bdubs is (Buffalo Wild Wings).  Yes, I don't know why it is called that either.

Anyway, after a great time with them, I met up with Nick.  We caught up on life and school and then went and hung out with a bunch of people in the field that were playing volleyball...kind of.

After that, I went to Danielle's dorm and got to see her for the first time since January!!!  It was so great to catch up with her!

Saturday morning came early and everyone was up ad prepping for Ginny's wedding!  After brunch I tackled homework while still enjoying being with family!  Bradley is too cute!  Oh my gracious!

The wedding began at 4 but I arrived around three and took pictures and saw more family.  The view was incredible!  Ginny and Cody were married in a field that overlooked the mountains!  Gorgeous!

The reception was awesome!  Lots of food, fun, family, and dancing!

The funniest part was when Gabriel stuck a frog down the back of my shirt Ginny and Cody left the reception and returned 10 minutes later ready to party some more.  They just did it all for the pictures.  Actually, that is rather smart.

The ride home that night was hilarious!  Michael, Josh, and Nick were all with me and we had a blast!  Oh my goodness, on the way from Liberty to home I had to stop in Roanoke for gas.  Well, Mama had told me to put a few dollars in in Lynchburg so that I would not run out.

Did I?

Of course not.

I just kept right on driving, not realizing how far Roanoke was.

Well, about 5-10 minutes to the gas station Michael calls Mama and this is approximately what happened:

Nick: "Michael, tell your mom to pray for us that we will make it to the gas station."
Me (while driving):  "No!  Don't do that!  She will freak out!"
Michael:  "Hey mom, pray for us that we make it to the gas station..."
Mama (on the other end of the phone): "*insert distant freaking out*"
Me: *looking back at Nick* "See!"

Anyway, we made it just fine.

And, on the way home Michael said the funniest thing ever...something about if he and a friend only had two water bottles left they would eat their thigh.

Anyway, when he said it we lost it.  Mainly, Josh lost it.  I subsequently lost it because his laugh when he loses it is so hilarious!

I had to pull over because I couldn't drive from laughing so hard!

Sunday was a chat n' chew at church which was great and then back to school I came!

Awesome awesome weekend!

Pictures are below for your enjoyment : )

Prior to the guests

Such pretty decorations!

Oh, how I love the country!

What a place to be married!

I miss the mountains!  It was soothing to my soul!

My lovely cousin and moi : )

Aren't they lovely?  I am partial to the taller one : )

Michael and me! He is growing up!

Ginny walking down the aisle!

Bradley decided he wanted to get out of the wagon.

Married kiss : )

Cousin Picture!


Gift Deposit Area!  How cute!

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