Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Journey Continues...

As one part ends another begins.

This chapter was a short chapter.
It only lasted one week.
One week ago tonight I was in Regensburg enjoying the company of my fellow students.
We were doing last minute packing, trying to find a lost brother, and discussing the semester and what we had learned.
Tonight I am lying in a cute little room by MYSELF.  The heater is barely on (but the room is smaller).  My bags are mostly packed.  I am leaving with a few extra items.  I am hoping the snow does not cause any delays.  I have had a wonderful time and now have a more adult relationship with my Uncle in contrast with the child relationship of old.
Poland.  I really cannot say much.  It is cold, snowy, and gets dark early!
If you are planning a visit....wait for the spring, summer, and autumn.  Winter is nice but not if you want to do a lot.
I have been pushed to think about matters and situations I have not had to in the past.
And, I have grown to love my little cousin that I met for the first time a week ago tomorrow night!
He is such a sweet and darling little boy!
His kisses are wonderful!

Until the next time Poland!
*Raises a glass of gluhwein* ; )

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