Saturday, December 11, 2010

Stranded By Snow...and God... in Berlin : )

I left Szczecin, Poland at 12:00 PM on Thursday.  I said goodbye to Uncle Michael, Tanya, and Mark and was off for the airport.  I arrived two hours before I could check in so I grabbed some lunch (terrible burger) and then sat and read Emma.  I got in line to check-in twenty minutes early and twenty-thirty minutes later I found out my flight was canceled.  So, I found an internet spot and rescheduled my flight.  I then proceeded to phone Uncle Gavin who was supposed to pick me up in London and Daddy to let him know what was up!  After much discussion we had a plan.  However.  A little bit later I found out all EasyJet flights had been canceled because they did not have the deicing fluid they needed in order to make the planes flyable.  So, I got in line to reschedule.  While waiting (for almost 2 hours) I met two nice Italian guys.  It was nice to have someone to talk to while waiting in line.  Then I rescheduled for the next possible flight...SATURDAY evening!  Shoot.  I had plans in London!  Well, earlier, just before I found out that all flights were canceled I had decided I was going to enjoy the delay because it was an adventure and would be a good story to tell later.  Then, BAM, I was now "stuck" for an extra two days in a city that I had said multiple times to myself that I really wanted to have a chance to see, again, for more than four hours.  So, bummer, but, a nice little present from God.  And, I mean, I couldn't change anything.

So, after finding out where they were sending us I got in line for a shuttle.  In the line I met a very nice girl (a little older than me) who was from Sydney, Australia and was on holiday in Europe.  She told me some things to see in Berlin and then we got in the shuttle.  The shuttle took us to a hotel in the Middle-of-no-where-outside-of-Berlin.  It was a very nice hotel.  So, I was excited to stay there but figured I would not get to see Berlin...ok, a relaxing day.  Well, they had given the first ninety people numbers.  Yours truly was not one of them.  So, 3 1/2 hours later I was told there were no more rooms and there was no shuttle so we had to take a cab.  Blah.  Money.  Well, I had been talking with people throughout the time and there was a group of Brits from Leeds that I had become acquainted with.  I then asked them if it would be alright if I shared a cab with them!  They said that would be fine and I was one of the first to leave the hotel.  The hotel they were taking us to was near the Potsdamer Platz!!  Hello!  As I was to find out, I was an easy 15-20 minute walk from the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, and the Jewish Holocaust Memorial (all of which I had seen but revisited).  Anyway, I got in, got in line, and about 15 minutes later I had a room for two nights ALL to myself!!!  It is such a nice room!

The next morning I woke up blazing hot because the heat was so high!  I saw no place to turn it down so I very sleepily called Reception to find out what to do.  They told me the quickest way was to open the window and then to change the thermostat ON THE TV!  So, I did both.  *Aside* The window is a prime place to commit suicide.  One easy jump and you are dead.*
Alright.  I turned on the TV and changed it!  Very cool!
Then breakfast, shower, and then one of Grampaw's friends phoned me to say his son spoke better English than he did and would it be alright if he met me later and showed me around.  So, I went out on my own for a few hours, then phoned them back to set up a time, and at 4:35 I met Konrad.  We walked around the city and then took an S Bahn and a U Bahn several times throughout the evening and I went into other parts of Berlin!  Very fun!  I learned some fun facts....and some that I didn't really care to know.  Like this.  Konrad: "Well, something that probably won't interest you...but, that building on the corner is the largest porn museum in Berlin (and maybe Ger,any?)."  Me: " are right...that doesn't really interest me...but, good to know."  Haha.  Anyway.  We got sushi that floated by us on little boats and then headed back to the hotel.  Just as I was going to say goodnight...he mentioned the Berlin Philharmonic.  Ok, well, in one of my favorite series one of the main characters played with I wanted to see the building.  But, I did not realize the original building had been bombed in WWII.  I got really ticked off inside when I realized.  So, it was rebuilt in the '60's which means....1960's architecture.  Yes.  You can tell.
But, I can now rest easily knowing I have been there!  It just irritates me that they don't make it look more appealing.  The entrance looks like the entrance to a bowling alley!  Hello.  The Berlin Philharmonic should be nicer than a bowling alley!
Anyway, then we headed back and said goodnight and I attended to some business and finally went to bed exhausted!! (Because the night before I went to bed at 3:30ish and woke up at 9).

So, I am now packed, writing this, and then eating lunch!
Then, off to the airport!
I really need sleep. BUT I can sleep when I am dead.  Or, tomorrow night : ) Because I want to see Katharine who is leaving tomorrow : (

Well, auf wiedersehen!
It looks as if I am not leaving Germany!
It has been grand!
I will still write a summarization and thoughts on my whole time....but later!
And make sure I am organized!
Anyway, Berlin was nice!
I suggest visiting....when it is warmer! Although, the snow and Christmas Markets make it look nice!

Basically, this whole time seems to really be God orchestrating it!  I know he has gotten me to Germany in the first place, but I really wanted to see Berlin and I got to....and EasyJet paid ; )

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