Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sick, A Good Story, and Home...

I'm still sick.  Ugh.  It is awful!  If I have to be sick I want to be sick at home so Mama can take care of me!!!

Because I am sick....I am still awake.
Another bummer because sleep this week has been rough.

Ok. There is my complaining.

It began snowing in London this evening!  Twas beautiful!!!  I have decided I would love to live in Kensington (or Chelsea? I think we drove through).  The shops are quaint and it is just a very nice area!

If you want a good, old, dramatic shortish story to read....this one, by Louisa May Alcott is enjoyable!

Less than two weeks till NYC and the states! I had a dream I turned on my phone and had 695 texts waiting for me.  Yes. I am excited to use my phone again!!!

I am so excited to see my family, friends, school, and eat at Punjabi Dhaba! Roommate Date with Abs!  Yay! I love my roommate!!!!!!!
Prayer for fast healing would be wonderful!
I just keep feeling hot, stuffy, and just blah.

I would like to just say how much I love emails!  They are not quite so personal as letters but I love them because they are quicker!  Since so many people use FB now an email is quite the treat!  Yes, if you ever want to brighten my me : )

Until the next time, I bid you adieu....

1 comment:

  1. Aw I'm sorry you're sick! Feel better soon ok? Can't wait to see you :)
    Be safe!


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