Monday, August 29, 2011

A Literary Exploration

I am taking a Creative Writing course this semester with a focus in American Literature.  I spent some time this evening researching a number of female authors to decide who I am going to read.  Do you know what I discovered?

1.  Once again, contemporary authors disappoint me.  It is something about the way they write, like watching a movie with the type of filter that makes a person uncomfortable.  Like a dust bowl film.  I could continue, but I doubt you will understand because it is a mental picture inside of my head, not yours.

2.  Even works written in the early 1900's are not the most pleasant to think about reading, yet there is something compelling in it.  Maybe it is because I know the way they dress is "vintage" and I have a romanticized view of life post 1960 (or maybe 1963). 

Anyway, I am in for a semester full of discovery.  I believe my focus is going to be tracking the "evolution" of female writers from Louisa May Alcott to Joyce Carol Oats. 

I am hoping to be pleasantly surprised, if I can get the mental picture/"feeling" out of myself.

1 comment:

  1. I love your thoughts. I love "seeing" through your words.


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