Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Visit With Mama

I realized today, while thinking about my post yesterday, I did not mention the wonderful time I had with Mama and Michael : )

They picked my up from the airport and surprised me by taking me out for a late lunch.  Then, as I am about to return to my table, Michael tells me to go away.  So, I do.  When I am finally allowed to go back to the table, there is a piece of cake with a candle sitting on the table.  They sing/say "Happy Birthday" and then hand me a bag.  I opened my presents and found some wonderful gifts!  Indian (from the country) tea spoons, two Precious Moments mugs for a collection like when I was a child, a Jane Austen movie, "Persuasion", and some gummies (I think there was one other thing but it has slipped my mind).  Anyway, we just had a nice time together!  We played games that night, Mama and I watched a couple of movies over the time I was home, and we just talked a lot!

I am so thankful I was able to go home and visit!  I miss home.  But, hopefully over the upcoming year I will have more opportunities to visit!

Thank you for a wonderful time home, Mama!
I love you!

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