Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Consider It a Genealogy

A thought literally just struck me.  I have been finished with my summer job for one week.  This one week has been filled with a great deal of busyness, fun, and relaxation.

I visited home for a few days and was able to visit with some wonderful family and friends!
Playing games with my family, Nick, and Drew was wonderful.  We perfected our arguing skills (maybe not) and had fun.  I was finally able to go swimming in the river!  It was the first time in almost two years!  I spent time with Elizabeth, Michael, Isabelle, and Amelie!  Oh, that little baby is so sweet!  I could hardly let her go to her mommy!  And, I saw Nanny and Aunt Anna!  And, oh my sweet cousin Abi.  Do you know, she wore pink because she was coming to say goodbye to me?  How precious!  I was able to see the Shavers!  Oh, I loved seeing them!  And, I got to see Scarlet, Todd, and Jonah!  The latter two wanted to kidnap me and keep me in the basement.  And Nick came over after a long drive to hang out! 

I know reading that must have felt like reading the genealogies in the Bible, sometimes, but thank you for persevering.

I am now at the beach.  Today was spent swimming in the ocean, boogie boarding, playing with jelly fish, reading, tanning, and observing a dead sea turtle that washed ashore.  It began to bleed from the eye right in front of us.  It was very old.  Yesterday, while waiting for my delayed flight, we went to Sams.  While there, I was perusing the book aisle and found a book with a painting on the cover.  As I looked at the painting I thought it looked familiar.  I flipped the book over and sure enough, the reason I recognized it was because it was a Vermeer.  Anyway, I bought the book.  It is so interesting.  Also, it is not going in the direction I thought it would.  Intriguing!  Love it!

I apologize for the shortness and the uninteresting information included.  Just think of it as Matthew 1...preparing you for what is to come : )

Maybe I will be more energized to write tomorrow.

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