Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vogue. My Current Intrigue.

One weekend in June I was visiting the beach with my family.  There happened to be a copy of Vogue left at the condo and I decided to take it with me to read as I lay by the pool.  I had never spent time reading Vogue, perhaps only ever glancing through the pages.  I have been an InStyle reader for years.  However, I found the articles intriguing and interesting.  They were not your typical skim through and flip the page articles.  In fact, one article in particular has now caused me to focus on a specific subject possibility for graduate school.

I am becoming very aware of how much I lack in knowledge of fashion.  However, just tonight I have learned of one great designer and have explored another designer's collections.  The fashion industry is a very broad industry.  There are many facets that are required to keep it operating.  It is a very intriguing world that is no merely made of models and photographers.

However, an article was brought to my attention regarding a certain Vogue cover.
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