Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week One: Complete!

Week one of school has come to a close, leaving in its wake a great deal of homework.  The books that are listed to be read are (mostly) wonderful!  While, I am sure I may not always enjoy reading them, they will provide a good education and give me knowledge I will be ever thankful to have received!

Yesterday morning I heard of a moving sale.  I went down to check it out, after viewing some pictures.  I knew of at least one, possibly two, things I wanted.  I left with a winding alarm clock that has character, a Van Gogh print, a winter floppy hat (that looks hand made?), and an instrumental CD of hymns!  Very successful!

I rearranged my room (two pieces of furniture) yesterday when I finally realized if I didn't I would just keep thinking about it.  And, today I made a T-Shirt rug.  However, it did not come out as well as I had planned....a little small.  I may call it my Brushing Teeth Rug.  Unless I expand it. 

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