Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Beginning of the End....Maybe?

Well, today marked the potential last day of me child-minding Jude and Julia.
What a day it was.  Three loads of laundry, a pile of books, oh, and they slept till 9 : ), and then it rained on my laundry that Mary was kind enough to take of the line for me!

This evening Mary and I had a girl's evening out and went to Strada for dinner.  It was nice to just get away and spend time together!  I really love her!  She is so wonderful and a great person to talk with and learn from.

I talked with Chris today which was so nice!  Although, it made me miss CIU.  I think once everyone moves in and classes start I will be fine, but between now and then I will continue to miss them from time to time and look forward to returning in the Spring!

I had something funny (I think) that I wanted to put in here but for now it has slipped my mind.  Know what has not slipped my mind?  The fact that is is 10:52 and I have to clean, pack, and put away stuff.  Oh, and make my bed.  This is when I wish I could just blink or wave a wand and have it all happen for me!

I think I hear footsteps.  Oh goodness.  I hope not.  I have not heard Mary and Tim arrive home yet.
Maybe they were not footprints after all.

Continued prayer for what God has in store for me this upcoming semester is requested and greatly appreciated!  I really just want to know so I can make my plans accordingly!

For now, this is all.

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