Monday, August 23, 2010

A Day in Baaath

I had the positively most lovely day in Bath (pronounced Baaath. Make a sheep noise and add a "th" to it ; ) ).
Yes, I want to live there.
Beautiful and green hills surround this old town.  It has ancient (from what I can tell) buildings.  I mean, if there are Roman baths then it must be old.  It is the hometown of Jane Austen and also houses gardens dedicated to royalty.  The Royal Victoria Garden was dedicated to Queen Victoria when she was 11 years old and still a princess!
While walking in front of the Royal Crescent in Bath above the Victoria Garden Daddy and I walked by an older gentleman who had a white moustache.  I thought to myself, "He does look like a proper English gentlman."  Daddy and I were looking into a private garden when he saw him and said, "I think that is John Cleese."  He then told me he was a member of the group Monty Python.  Well, we walked over and Daddy asked him if he was.  Sure enough, it was he.  Daddy then told him that Grampaw had helped manage their group and booked their first show outside of London.  However, he mentioned the wrong place.  Then mentioned he was a fan of his wine appreciation.  Basically, Daddy was a little star struck : )  Then, just as the guy was leaving I said hello.  He smiled at me and said hello back.  Well, I met my first celebrity!  No photo, though.  Oh, the funny thing, he was looking for his cat! 
Well, we had a wonderful walk, got caught in the rain, I bought a dress, almost bought two Scottish tams, and had a wonderful day!
I now want to live outside bath and bicycle into town!  Or moped.  I am fine with either one!
Well my friends!  I miss you all!
School is beginning and yes, part of me would love to be there with you!
Much love!

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