Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sweet English Blackberries : )

Music has this ability to change my mood in such a crazy way.  I am listening to a mix of theatrical music.  And Disney music.  And other music.  A Whole New World is playing.  I love this song.  I have special memories from it.  Anyway, that is what I am beginning this blog with.

Now, today I began watching the children at noon.  I was not sure what the day was going to hold.  We were planning on going to the park.  This has not happened.  Rather, they played, I did laundry, it drizzled, I read about Germany, we read a few books together, and then we decided to put on our wellies and pick blackberries = )  This was, indeed, a fantastic idea!  I was wearing my long and flowing white skirt with me wellies.  It was a romantic outfit.  I felt I could be ready to tackle any blackberry bush thrown my way with my beautiful wellies and romantic, novelesque skirt.  Well, off we trooped.  Wellies, bowls, and my camera to document our little adventure : )

I have been longing for a good thunder storm.  Of course, as we are walking I hear thunder in the distance. We kept going, though.  We picked and picked.  Jude was having more fun pointing out the berries to me so I could pick them rather than picking them himself.  Granted, many of the berries were out of their reach but some of them, they just didn't pick...

I got up to my waist in blackberry bushes.  My legs are itchy.  I really need to shower.  Anyway, finally the thunder got rather close and the clouds were rapidly darkening.  I explained to the children that when there is thunder lightening is near by and it is not safe to be outside.  However, I really wanted some more berries.  So a few more minutes passed and then we left.  Then it really started raining!  Oh it was grand and romantic walking through the rain carrying berries and tending to two children in my skirt and wellies.

We made it home looking a bit drippy.  we then washed the berries and I began to teach them how to make a Blackberry Crumble!  Oh, I just thought back so fondly to my childhood when Kae Lacy taught me how to measure, scrape the excess flour and sugar off the top of the measuring cup with the flat side of the knife,  and how to keep the food germ free by not licking the the spoon till the end and washing our hands before we begin and if we sneeze half way through : )  She did a far better job than I did!  I had the most wonderful instructors growing up!

Julia and Jude helped me put the blackberries in the baking dish, scatter sugar on the blackberries, and then mix the topping.  Well, see, I thought I put an awful lot of sugar on the blackberries.  That is because I was supposed to put half in the crumble topping.  After I put the topping on and tasted it I remembered.  Bah.  I scattered some sugar on the top and pressed it in.  It didn't work too well.  I will hope for the best in overall flavor!

The kids have been wonderful today!  I have so enjoyed our time together!  Today has been especially special.  I am not sure why.  An answer to prayer it is for sure!

The children are playing in the back garden.  I just saw the foxes run in the field behind our garden.  I feel as if I ought to be a scene in a novel today.  I love it!

Oh, I looked out the window earlier and saw Jude holding a bird!  I thought it was alive.  It was the bird living under the mint that Mary sprayed with the water last night because she did not know it was under there.  Turns out, it was dead.  I scolded him and explained why you NEVER pick up dead animals and then we washed out hands!!  I took the shovel and scooped it up.  It is sitting in the shovel waiting for Mary to get home.

That is all for now : )

Ok, 10 minutesish later.  I walked into the kitchen looking for the cobbler.  I didn't see it anywhere.  I thought to myself, did the kids take it somewhere?  OH NO!  I forgot!  I had put it back in the oven to back a little longer.  Oy, well, I tasted it and it tasted good : )  All is still well!

The Crumbly Cobbler turned out well : )

Facebook has now been updated with photos, as has my blog!

Now, for that movie I have been meaning to watch....if I can make myself sit still to watch it!


  1. oh my word... Darling Kirsten, You have such a way with words. You say things in exactly the same way I would describe them too! I just loved reading this :) It has made my heart content.


  2. O, precious Sweet Sunshine. Just read this again. Makes my heart happy! I love you.


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