Thursday, August 12, 2010


The past five days have been filled with moments.  Sad moments, happy moments, sentimental moments, thoughtful moments, old fashioned moments, family moments, etc.

I having been watching The Walton's.  Seriously, I absolutely love this show!  The simplicity and depth to the family and the show are just wonderful!  It motivates and inspires me to want to do different things.

Yesterday the kids and I went blackberry picking.  Oh, the bushes were laden with ripening red berries and ripe blackberries!  Deliciousness!  We picked between eleven and twelve cups of them!  The whole time I kept thinking about Kae and Lacy and Becky and their love of blackberries.  Kae Lacy has taught me so many things!  She taught me to sew, to bake, to measure, to make grilled cheese sandwiches, to hang clothes on the line, to fold laundry (I think), to play Crazy 8's, and oh so much more!  Well, I was thinking about the night my brother was born, the other day.  That night I was at Kae Lacy's.  We were making blackberry syrup.  So, today, the kids and I are going to make blackberry syrup!!!

Daddy arrives in 6 days!

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