Sunday, August 15, 2010

Three Days Left

I have three official days of watching Jude and Julia until I am finished.
Daddy arrives on Tuesday and I will see him on and off for a couple of days.
Friday he will spend part of here and then Saturday we will adjourn to Bristol where we will stay until Wednesday when we leave for Wales.  Sunday Daddy and I will take a bus to and go to Bath (pronounce Baath ; ) ).  I have never been to Bath and am looking forward to it very much!  Wednesday we go to Wales and I will have countryside to my hearts content : )
Sunday Daddy will leave and I will stay.
This coming week holds a lot of unknowns.
Friday was my unofficial official last trip into London.
This weekend has been very relaxing and old movie filled : )
I have been thinking a lot and planning even more....well, maybe.
I have been homesick and missing friends some.
Part of me wishes I could be returning to CIU, but I know it is not time, yet.
Prayer that I would make the right decision and trust God would be very much appreciated.
I am SO excited to see what is going to happen.

Anyway, much love to you all!
Really, I wish I cold express how blessed I am with the many family members and friends I have!

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