Friday, July 8, 2011

Roaring Twenties...A New Decade Ready To Be Lived!

As of yesterday I entered my twenties.  When I say and think this I see ten years full of fun adventure just waiting to happen!  I have no idea what the upcoming decade will hold, but it is going to be filled to overflowing with life.  I am going to call these years my "Roaring Twenties."  I don't know, exactly, how they will turn out.  In fact, other than graduating, I have no idea what to expect.  The only plan I really and truly have is to graduate on May 12, 2012.

I look forward with great anticipation to the coming years.  I don't want to rush through them; I want to enjoy them.  However, I know I will rush at times because I always have.  I was turning three and couldn't wait to be four.  Yes, that is how it has always been.  Then, I have the day before my birthday (or days) where I am nostalgic and am not ready for the number change.  Then I remember, just like I am alive and therefore cannot avoid death, I am going to get a year older whether I like or not.  So, I come around and like it!

My teen years are over.  I have come of age.  I see it as stepping over a threshold into a new area of life.  Yesterday, at 8:32 AM I went out the back door and stepped back in to signify this image in my mind.  I have been extremely blessed with the parents God has given me!  I am extremely blessed with the brother he has given me!  My family, immediate and extended, are well put together and I am greatly thankful for them!

Also, the best part about my birthday is sharing it with Daddy!  I love the reactions from people when they hear that.  Last night Daddy, Pennisu, and I went out for dinner.  After being seated I opened my menu and on the inside was "Happy Birthday Scott and Kirsten!" I was so surprised!  They took the paper out and rolled it and sent it home with us!  When the manager stopped by to check on us and he heard it was both of our birthdays he said, "Wow!  What a great present!"  All the while smiling! funny.  A couple of people stopped by our table to say Happy Birthday.  This one guy stopped by, and this is how it went":
Random Guy:  Is it an anniversary?
Pennisu: Yes.
Random Guy:  Who's?  Theirs? (Meaning me and Daddy)
Pennisu:  Yes.
Random Guy: *Look on his face*
Me:  No, it's our birthday.
Random Guy: Oh! *Relieved look*

Haha. Poor guy.

All in all, a wonderful day quietly spent : )

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