Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Day I Thought Would Never Arrive

Here it is.  Almost.  I leave tomorrow...on a jet plane!  A small jet plane.  I am heading into the wild blue yonder, the friendly skies, etc. etc. etc. to fly HOME! 
I must chuckle to myself, all the cliches in the world (a hyperbole) are popping into my head.

I finished my internship/summer job this evening.  It was a very nice last day.  I left things as neat and organized as I could, said my goodbyes, and went out to dinner with my cousins!  It was a wonderful time!  I love having the opportunity to spend time with them!

I have begun the trying task of packing.  Really, I am so tired of packing.  I just want to throw it all out (my clothes, mainly) and start from scratch.  After VA I fly back to FL, head to the beach, back to Orlando for a night, and then up to Columbia Daddy and I go.  I want this next week and a half to creep by slower than a snail!

Well folks, that's all for now!

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