Monday, April 30, 2012

The Monday After Sunday: Nearing the End

It's my turn to write The Monday After Sunday post.  I hope you all have enjoyed hearing from Matt, Amy, and Anonymous.  I have loved reading their thoughts and getting to know them better.  I must admit, I am slightly torn between writing this week's or next week's because next Sunday is my last Sunday in Columbia until I move back (assuming all goes according to plan).  But, this Sunday it is (because I want to and because I don't have anyone else lined up).

This Sunday was my first lunch at the Crutchfield's in three weeks.  The anticipation of laughing and eating with everyone was the light at the end of my tunnel all week.  I had massive amounts of work due, and by Saturday night I was exhausted to the point of tears.  Sunday began too early for my taste, but the Senate Execs were able to have a final meal together.  Finishing earlier than anticipated, I went to the early service so that I could go home with Mrs. Crutchfield after Sunday School.  It was great to spend time with both Mrs. Crutchfield and Andrew (being around Andrew makes me miss my little brother-who is not so little anymore).

Lunch had more people than usual.  We even pulled out the card table for extra seating.  It was different sitting around the table yesterday than in the past.  I was more aware of what people were experiencing in their lives.  I know there were people around the table who have had recent pain in their life.  It is special, though, knowing that Sunday is a restful day for so many who come to the table.  I found myself feeling more and more a part of the family.  I was referred to as an adopted sister.  It's nice to be accepted into a family that is not your own.

Like I said above, it hit me yesterday that I have one more Sunday in Columbia.  Then I realized, when I come back it won't be for school.  Although there is the possibility that I won't be coming back, I am expecting to be moving back.  It feels like I am going to have a three month break and will then come back and take my place in "real life."  I will be back with my church and friends.

During the service I realized I feel like I have a church family.  I am meeting new people, making friends, and becoming a part of the church.  It is special.  I am pulling away from the CIUness of church and entering into as I did pre-CIU (but as a young adult and not a teenager).  I like preparing for this new phase of life, even though it is full of unknowns.

A photo from Easter...but exhibits our laughter:

Photo by Deborah Crutchfield
I hope you enjoyed this weeks The Monday After Sunday post.

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  1. i just had to come over and say hankyou so much for that link in your comment!! I now want to go visit all of those places, i'm booked in to The Ritz wih my friend but wouldn it be cool to do all of them through the year!!!! and did you see Sketch! eeeeekkkkkk


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