Monday, April 16, 2012

Shall We Dance?

Friday evening was the closest span of time to a dream that I may have had up to this point...

I love old movies; Casablanca, Shall We Dance, White Christmas, Sabrina, and so many others.
The nightclub scenes, fancy evenings out, and the dancing cause me to want to time-travel back sixty or seventy years and be able to experience the lovely dresses and dancing that I have only ever seen on the screen.

Back to Friday night...
Friday night was my Senior Jr/Sr.  I had a fabulous dress, I was going with six wonderful friends, the event was being held at the Botanical Gardens, and there was dancing---REAL dancing!  As in, waltzing, fox trotting, rumba, swing, (and two line dances).

We arrived and rode a trolley to our destination at the gardens.  We were directed inside where we found a cheese, cracker, and fruit table...delicious!  While eating our h'ordeuvres we sauntered about the gardens.  There smelled mostly nicely.  The rose garden area was my favorite.  It reminded me of England.

Dinner was yummy.  The tables looked very nice (roses with a feather and a masquerade mask were the center pieces).  And, the reminiscent nostalgia was memorable.

Afterwards, the dancing began.  A little slow at first, we danced for probably two hours!  It was grand!  When Kristy and I went for a walk in the gardens and looked back, it resembled the party at the beginning of Sabrina.  Except, there was no giant mansion.  Just the building.

Oh, and the sky was clear with stars shining!

And, I got to dance to songs that I have always wanted to dance to!

Hilarious Memory:

Hannah and Holland dramatically waltzing through the couples dancing.
It looked something like this...go to 2:50 and just watch for about 10 seconds : )
(I could only find it in Spanish...but it is the actions, not words, that are important)


  1. I love the movie Sabrina and wow your evening did sound a lot like it... what a lucky girl!

  2. We shall dance! I love to dance!



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