Monday, April 9, 2012

Sunday Sarcasm and Soul...AKA: What the Groceries?

Dear Friends, Family, and Blog Reader,

Some bloggers make it a habit to have a day where they write under the same title on a specific day of the week (an example is Awkward and Awesome Thursdays on The Daybook).  Yesterday, while enjoying a delicious and hilarious luncheon hour(s) at the Crutchfield residence, it was suggested that I write a column of Kevin's antics.  After mulling over that idea I moved on to the idea of every Monday (after Sunday lunch at the Crutchfield's) someone should write up their perspective on the afternoon.  The entries will vary as we have a melting pot of individuals, but the content will not fail to entertain and/or bring some deeper thoughts onto your screen and into your head.  So, from my blog to your screen, mylifetintedpink will be bringing you Sunday Sarcasm and Soul...AKA: What the Groceries? (subject to change...).

Our first entry will be from Matt Crutchfield, the eldest son of our loved and esteemed hosts.

The week has become for me a wait for Sunday afternoons. This is not to say that all the days leading up to Sunday are bleak or dull but rather that I find myself increasingly looking forward, with great anticipation, to lunchs at the Crutchfield household. This excited expectation for Sunday is at its peak during the ride over to the house after church. A couple steps past the door and laughter is already ensuing. We sit around the table and stories are shared. The past comes and visits the present with us as we share stories of buffoonery. While we eat, while we enjoy our meal together, we partake of each other’s humor as they give it freely to their fellow brother, their sister, their friend. “man, that guys aged, he’s gonna die. “ “What the heck?!” “How’s Ching Li doing?” Jokes almost take a life of its own; they become their own personalities, their own beings and they sit with us, partaking of the meal with us. The company that comes to Sunday varies at times but the experience remains the same; the same refreshment from food, from laughter, but most importantly, most vital to this Sunday event, from the individuals themselves. And every time I come and eat and listen to the joy thus made from my family I can’t help but have but have a recurring thought; “is this not what Church truly is?” Is this interaction not what Jesus made us for, to experience daily? I feel as though these lunch’s have taught me more on what true Christian fellowship and family is supposed to look like; more than any class, book, or poem, has taught me.

 I leave you with an Easter photo of yesterday's gang:

Doesn't everyone take Easter pictures in their canoe?
Check back next Sunday for the second edition of Sunday Sarcasm and Soul...AKA: What the Groceries?


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