Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thoughts on Beauty from Matt Crutchfield

For those of you who read yesterday's Sunday post, Matt did not stop with thoughts on Sunday lunches.  He proceeded to write some thoughts on beauty and love in the contemporary age in which we live.

Feel free to leave any thoughts and comments you may have in response to Matt's post!

It hit me while I was on a walk by myself in the park. I was thinking on the matter of beauty and what truly is beautiful in this world. I’m not sure how the thought process went or how one progressed to the other but I came upon a great lie that the world believes in about beauty. Beauty, I feel, has this false glorified wanting to it. My generation (or perhaps this curse of all mankind) has this idea that beauty must come from the story of Romeo and Juliet that love in its purest form comes from the dramatic. Perhaps Romeo and Juliet is a bad example for today’s time. A more modern example would be found in the movies Titanic, the Notebook, or Twilight where beauty is portrayed as not something to be sought but also a thing that should go beyond human expectation. Like the Greeks of Old, love must be godlike in nature.  But, as I continue to spend those Sunday’s with my family, biological and the family I have in Christ, I am beginning to see that beauty is in none of these things. Beauty is in the simplicity of existence. Beauty is not something to be sought after but comes. It is not something to venture out for, for it is already there. One only needs the grace to see it.


  1. Beauty is one of my favorite things to think about... thanks for your thoughts Matt.

    Not merely physical beauty, of which society waxes and wanes, nor what society calls beauty, but more along the lines of creating beauty or finding it as you seem to suggest.

    What are your thoughts on "Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness; let the whole earth tremble before him (Psalm 96:9)."

  2. he's such a talented guy =)


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