Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Weekend Fit for Friends!

Hello Lovelies,

This weekend I have been overwhelmed with friends (in the best way possible)!

My dear college roommate, Abbie, came to visit for 23 hours, and we only slept for 8 of them :)
We talked till close to 3 AM, had tea in the morning, went for a walk along the river, enjoyed the views, watched Sense and Sensibility, made a camp fire, roasted hot dogs and talked, painted rocks for the friendship trail, toasted marshmallows and stuck chocolate in them (because I forgot graham crackers), talked some more, cleaned up, visited my favourite river locations, came home, showered, went to the Buck Horn, played Phase 10, and then she left. (You may need a breath after reading that)

It was great!

Today I went to BC for church.  Then, Abby, Amanda, and I tried to go out for lunch.  Almost NOTHING was open.  We missed Country Cafe by just a little bit.  So, we drove to CF for lunch and enjoyed delicious food at the Tavern.  Upon finishing our meal, we came to my house, made cinnamon buns, tea, and I introduced them to Midnight in Paris.  SUCH a fab movie!  If you have not yet seen it, please, go watch it.  Now.

Now, I am home.  By myself.  Hoping I am called to sub soon.

Some pictures from the weekend with Abbie:

Fun times with my longest-running college roommate! (now we're both grads!) (Photo cred: Abbie)

Roasting hot dogs over the fire! (Photo cred: Abbie)

Some wine to go with our late night chat! (Photo cred: Abbie)

Restful day with Abbie at the river (Photo cred: Abbie)

I forgot the glasses!  (Photo cred: Abbie)

The cute little cabin! (Photo cred: Abbie)

My river and mountains!  (Photo cred: Abbie)

These places do exist. (Photo cred: Abbie)

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