Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Guest Blog: Claire from My Little Life

Happy August First!

This is my first month hosting sponsors for my blog (check out my sponsor page if you are interested in swapping buttons!) and I'm very excited!  It feels like I'm becoming a real blogger.

As my first guest blogger, I asked Claire, from My Little Life and our favourite things, to guest blog!
She is one of my favorite bloggers for many reasons...
But, I will let you read for yourself!
Hello all!
I'm so chuffed that Kirsten asked me to guest post on her blog, between you and me, it's the first time I've been asked, and if I'm honest, I feel as though I have 'arrived' in the blogging world. 
I write two blogs which I love, you can check them out at or
I like to write book reviews (I find this a great way of keeping track of the many many books I read) vintage finds, and my travels in our home on wheels. 
I thought today I would tell you a little about our travels and why we love our home on wheels so much. 
Mr D (hubs) & I bought our first ex military vehicle 13 years ago after visiting The War & peace show, the biggest Military Vehicle show in the world, held in Kent. We pretty much went home, searched the internet and a few weeks later we were the proud owners of Bertie, our Willies Jeep.  
Bertie is fantastic for all occasions, off roading is so much fun, she will indeed go anywhere. There's nothing more fun on a summer day than taking Bertie for a ride with the roof off. She only has 3 gears, is left hand drive will run at 50 mph downhill with the wind behind her, does about 13 mpg, and not a seat belt in sight, but she makes everyone smile as we drive past.  
For a few years we towed a small caravan (which I couldn't find a pic of!) but then we decided that we needed more room. We wanted a bed which was permenantly up, head room to stand up in, and space to cook & relax. 
We found this in the form of our Reo truck.. The Reo is 6 wheel drive, about 7ton and does about 8mpg on a good day. But the fun we have in her is priceless. Most weekends in the summer we visit vehicle shows, and air shows and she is in fact our mobile bedroom, fabulous for parking at friends parties. 
If you watch war films in the vietnam era you will see trucks like this mostly with canvas backs, carrying troops, but ours has a metal box on the back, used in the past as a mobile workshop. Mr D put his carpentry skills to the test and now it houses a double bed, wardrobe, oven, sink, woodburning stove and we have hot running water which is a luxury for camping. 
And the last photo proves that we aren't just fair weather campers, we love it whatever the weather! I hope you have enjoyed a little peek into my world, Thankyou to Kirsten for having me!



  1. Claire is such a sweetheart and has done a brilliant guest spot.

    1. I agree! I love her blog and am so glad she graced my blog with her writing!

  2. Love "Bertie's" name. If we were going to have another little girl I would've named her Albertina, but called her Bertie.
    (you know though Claire, that two girls are more than enough for me!) x

    1. I've never heard the name Albertina before.
      But, Bertie is such a cute little name!
      Makes me think of Thomas the tank Engine.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, it is!
      And, you did such a fabulous job!
      Many thanks!


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