Thursday, August 2, 2012

That Complicated Airplane Temperature

Hi Everyone!

I'm getting ready to leave for the airport in about 19 minutes!
It's complicated dressing for Florida while knowing the airplane is going to be FREEZING!

I have this love of only carrying my purse through the airport and checking everything else.
This rarely happens.
But, today it will!

Hang out time with Daddy and Pennisu will be great!
I get to see my cousin, Josh, tomorrow (Universal!).
And, then BEACHtime!

It is going to be grand!

So, have a good week, weekend, and everything else!
I'll try to swing by at some point throughout my trip!

Au revoir,



  1. I hate to be a green-eyed monster, but I can't help it! I've never been to Florida and I am dying to see the Harry Potter attraction at Universal. Hopefully you'll take pictures and I can enjoy from afar.

    1. I hope to have pictures up later today! If not, certainly over the weekend.
      It was a wonderful time!


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