Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tea Sets and Chandeliers

Hello Lovelies!

I am back home after spending a few days with my Aunt in Staunton.
A quaint town, Staunton boasts large and lovely antique and consignment shops.

Aunt Barbara and I went downtown Sunday night (in her BMW convertible Barbie Car ) and window shopped.

I found a beautiful tea set with a turquoise stripe around the top and a small gold stripe on either side.
She found a chic, romantic chandelier to hang in her bedroom.

She bought her find and I walked away from mine.  Although, I did decide that I can buy lots of tea sets and use one each month on a rotational basis!

Monday we had a lovely breakfast of french toast and strawberries.
Coffee was also a factor.
While journaling I noticed I was shaky.  I think it was the coffee.

We went downtown and shopped.  I ended up purchasing a vintage, blush pink umbrella.

Aunt Barbara found a lovely formal gown.

We went swimming and sunned.  Watched the Olympics and had girl time.

Such a wonderful time we had.  My favorite part of swimming is when they pull that mermaid move.
Aunt Barbara called it "wiggling."

Now I am home preparing to fly to Florida in the morning.


P.S.  My computer crashed and it is having to be slowly fixed.  Thus, pictures will be lacking for the time being : (

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