Monday, October 22, 2012

English Show Recommendation!

I was perusing Netflix yesterday for a new show to catch my interest.
Somehow, and I don't remember how, I stumbled upon Rosemary & Thyme.
Rosemary & Thyme is an English mystery program based around two women, one is a former detective and the other is interested in plants.  As a result of different circumstances, they team up and solve mysteries they happen upon while on the job...gardening.

If you are looking for humor, this is not it.
But, if you like a bit of suspense, the beauty of England, and an interesting storyline, give this show a shot!
I really enjoy a good English show now and again.  I see real life in this.  Ok, maybe not all the mysteries, but the houses, doors, pubs, etc. makes me miss it.

Happy Watching!

Source: Overstock


  1. We watched that on Netflix too! It was so cute!

  2. I've heard good things about this show before, so I am happy it is on Netflix instant view! I will have to check it out soon!

  3. Why does this remind me of Murder She Wrote. That was an excellent show, by the way.

    1. I haven't really seen Murder She Wrote, except for the occasional moment here or there. But, perhaps because they both have older women in main character roles : )

  4. My husband loves British crime shows and watched them all on Netflix. Funnily enough, even though I am British I could take or leave them. Check out Vera if you haven't already :)

    PS now I want to see what a German Fall is like! I am very much enjoying the USA in Fall.


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