Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Life Update

I apologize for the hit and miss blogging of late.
Life has been busy and changing for me.
Between funerals, harvest festivals, packing, moving, and starting a new job, blogging has lagged.

But, I am now happily situated in the basement of my aunt's home, with my lovely cousin as a neighbor (meaning, a curtain separates our living space).

I bumped into a camp friend at work this evening, which was a pleasant surprise!.

The weather that has been causing such trauma up north has hit us, but not heavily.  The air is cold (pea coat time!).  I am still transitioning, though.  I keep asking myself, "Can I wear my black dress with my fishnet tights over my blue tights?" (I love that outfit!)

 I realized as I went to work earlier, going to my job doesn't feel like, "Oh, I'm off to work."  It feels more like, "Oh, I have this meeting and this meeting and this thing..." like when I was still in college.

 Oh, on Saturday, Trey's B League football team won their Super Bowl game!!! I've been watching Trey play football since he was...oh...about two years old?  Yep, I think he was throwing the ball better than I could.  I know he was by age three.  Also, at the game I bumped into come high school friends!  It was so fun to stand around, watch the game, and chit chat with them :)

I've rambled.  I'm sorry.  Maybe tomorrow I will have more organized thoughts or even a topic!  Actually, I have a topic, but need to finish some research to properly write about it.

Till next time, goodnight!


  1. I know the feeling. sometimes life is bigger than all this internet stuff. hope everythings ok!

    Stop by for a visit,

    Lydia from Vintage2Vogue

    1. Thanks for your sweet understanding! Yes,real life is more important than this virtual stuff--fun as it may be : )

    2. Yep, believe it or not, life goes waaaay beyond my computer ;)
      But, everything is ok.
      I am just lacking the "sit down and blog" discipline.

  2. ah we all get a bit like that sometimes i think i'm blogging gibberish about nothing and wonder if anyone really cares about it! haha

    1. Yes, I can only write it. But, it is an update. And, for friends and family who don't live nearby, these "gibberish" posts might be very informative. Lol


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