Friday, October 26, 2012

My Plans...Like a Balloon in the Wind

I'm always planning the next thing.

Dream, planning, and connecting are a daily activity for my brain.
I love it.  I thrive from it.  I get frustrated by it.

Today I was thinking about my future, what is coming up, and how it will connect to the next thing.
 I realized, it could mean staying the country a little longer.
 *Quelle horreurs*

Immediately I start asking myself if I could deal with that.
It will throw a kink in all of my plans!
But, I can see how it might be beneficial.

Then it hit me (and not for the first time).
Every time I make a plan, God changes it.
Always for the best (even if I don't love it).

I need to hold my plans loosely.
God knows my loves and my passions.
He knows what I do not know.

God will put my life together in such a way that will glorify Him.
I will do the next thing and try to keep that in mind.
Life is to be lived for the glory of God.

As parents of a friend of mine wrote on a frame of their wedding pictures:
"All that matters
is the glory of God."

Photo By: K.L.R.

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