Monday, October 8, 2012

High School Seems Forever Ago

Today was stressful, productive (although it could have been more so), and fun. 

Lots of phone calls, emails, and a couple episodes of The Nanny (always producing a laugh).

A few days ago I got the urge to watch High School Musical 1 & 2.  Feel free to laugh.
Anyway, tonight I watched the first one.  I hadn't seen it in more than three years.  They all look like babies.  And, I saw all the high school stereotypes (And realities). 

My thoughts throughout:

He looks so young.
She looks so young.
Look at their clothes.
Oh, I knew someone who dressed like that.  And that.
Why do skaters dress the way the do?
Etc., etc., etc.

Overall, an enjoyable experience.  A bit of reminiscing and wondering how I will view the movies as I continue to grow older (or any show I enjoyed at a younger age).

Did you watch the High School Musical movies as they came out?

December 2007.  Later that night we had a HSM Marathon of 1&2
We were missing one in the picture...but she drowned in the bathtub was taking a bath.


  1. Oh man look at those matching shorts, I totally did that with friends too! High School was the best of times and the worst of times.

    1. Yes, it was our Christmas get together.
      A friend and I planned to get matching boxers for everyone!
      They make the best PJs!


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