Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why Am I So Tired?


God blew my very recent prayer and thought out of the water.  I attended my first BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) meeting.  THEN, I sat in on/gave input at the high school bible study that is starting.  (Made me miss my Apostles kids so much!)

It is my cousin's birthday, and I surprisingly got to see her!!!  And her sweet little girls.  AWESOME surprise.  Happy Birthday!!!

It is also Becky's birthday!  Happy Birthday, my dear Fern!

I scheduled my trip to UVA to rep AMBEX!  Whoop!

I sat through my first presidential debate as a registered voter.  Four years ago...I didn't have an official say.  My one blog response:  Mr. President, Germany makes better cars than the USA.  Please don't claim otherwise.

Now, you ask?  Bed soon, my friend!

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