Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Christmas Favourites!

Blog Challenge:  Favourite Holiday!

"Hi, I'm Kirsten, I listen to Christmas during months that aren't after Thanksgiving and before New Years!"

Yes, Christmas is my favourite holiday.  I've always loved it.

After I was born my mother listened to Christmas carols.  I was born in July.

When I was little I called nativities "festivities."  Can you already tell I was an extrovert?

The whole Christmas season gives off the cozy, warm, aura.  Some foods even taste like Christmas.  They may not even have cinnamon in them.

My best Christmas present memory is when I got all my American Girl Dolls (Kirsten and Felicity), their accessories, and in my stocking was a white little statue that opened at the bottom and held a pretty ring.  It sounds very Elsie Dinsmore, doesn't it?

I love the family gatherings, candle light services, and solos of O Holy Night.

We used to open a present from my Grandma in England on Christmas Eve.

Oh, and Grandma Bush's Coffee Cake on Christmas Morning.  Oh. My. Word.

During the Christmas Eve service my grandfather reads The Visited Planet.  Please go read it!

One of my favourite Christmas songs (that tells me it is Christmas) is Mannheim Steamroller's Hallelujah.  So beautiful.

Then, during my Freshman year at college the Freshman girls decorated the Freshman guys dorm.  It was SO much fun.  AND, this is what happens when you leave a camera to catch their first reactions...the Freshman guys...not those upperclassman.

Do you have any special traditions or memories?

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