Wednesday, October 3, 2012

With Pen and Paper I Pray

The blog challenge I am up to wants me to write about how I want to grow closer to God.

I don't mind being personal and opening up, but I'm not going to go into that here.

But, I will share one way that I love spending time with God.


I LOVE writing to God.  My prayers.  My thoughts.  My desires.  My praise.  My thanks.

I am a verbal processor, so I pray out loud, too.  But, journaling means I can look back at what I prayed.  I can see God's faithfulness...and my sometimes progress.

My journal didn't tell me how many pages it came with.  So, rather than spending the time to count, I just number every page as I finish it (come close to finishing it).  When I fill up the book, I will have a surprise number!

Do you ever have the thought while writing that some day someone might read through your journal?  Your spouse?  Your child?  A fan if you become famous?  An historian if you become extra famous?

I'll admit.  The thought does occasionally, more frequently that I care to admit, cross my mind.

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