Saturday, May 18, 2013

Becky: She's Getting Married Tomorrow!

Nearly five years ago I met one of my dearest friends.
She's the Diana to my Anne.

Tomorrow, she marries a man who loves her dearly, makes her laugh, protects her, and licks chocolate icing off her face after smearing the grooms cake on it.

But, for tonight, she is still Rebekah Fern Somerville...
The girl who...
...I spilled my drama to after knowing her for a short time.
...prayed for specific things for me...and I never knew it.
...loves me and doesn't judge me.
...used to make me so mad...but then we'd forgive and it would be ok.
...shares openly.
...shared new experiences with me.
...knows my secrets, and I'm glad.

I'm blessed to know her.
My life would be very empty without her.
I pray we remain friends till we die.

First picture Freshman year
Winter Formal Freshman year
My 21st with Becky's homemade wine!

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