Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Beauty Overwhelms Me

You know the weeks that seem a month long because they are so jam-packed?
Welcome to my week.
I can barely remember Monday.

Virginia's standardized tests were this week.
I was SOL coverage for different people throughout the day (mostly the same schedule everyday, though).
I enjoyed spending time with the students in each class.
Watching teenagers having a good time is so fun (I was in three P.E. classes--funny things happen).

But, other than school, I was playing tennis, helping with tennis practice, getting rained out of tennis (resulting in a grumpy me), planning our 5 year high school reunion (when did that happen?!), and I explored new parts of Bath County (have I mentioned I live in an extraordinarily beautiful place?).

Yesterday I went out for coffee with a couple of the girls---without homework!  We had fun laughing, sharing, and drinking our yummy frappuccinos (made by Amanda!).  Girl time (and, I'm sure guy time) is critical to our well-being.

Angel and I checked out a couple locations for our high school reunion.  Hopefully by the end of today we will have decided on a place.  Our little jaunt ended up lasting over two hours...and we explored new parts of Bath County (well, she'd been there...but I hadn't--at least not to some of them).

Also, a note of importance, I may have found the perfect place to get married!  It is a little piece of England in Bath County, VA.  More on that later...when I either find out information....or waaaay later...if I get to plan my wedding :)

*Side note: that makes me want to watch Candleshoe.*

Today my little brother goes to his Junior Prom.  Yes, there will be lots of pictures!
I'm so proud of him.

And, in just a few hours, I'll know when I'm going to England!  WooHoo!

Here are a few photos from yesterday.

Enjoy and have a marvelous Saturday!

Hidden Valley
Photo by K.L.R

Hidden Valley
Photo by K.L.R.

Dunn's Gap
Photo by K.L.R.

Dunn's Gap
Photo by K.L.R

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