Friday, May 24, 2013

When You Only Have One Piece

Photo by K.L.R.
I'm pondering my next step...actually, the step after my next step.
You all know I'm a planner.  I want to organize what is going to happen.
But, sometimes it is too much.  I realize I don't have enough pieces to make a picture.
Instead, I must sit, wait, gather more information, and pray.

While thinking about my future plans a few moments ago, I remembered that each time I face an open future, God comes and fills the next space.  He places more stones in my foot path, allowing me to proceed.  Or, perhaps the analogy of adding more stepping stones in a quickly flowing river is better, since I don't want my life to be boring...and working your way through rapids, while trying to remain standing, is anything but boring.

Just like in December, when I didn't know what I was doing and suddenly I decided to move to England and pursue event planning, and then I found myself moving back to CF and BC, writing for the newspaper, substitute teaching, and loving being back where I partially grew up...plans change.  And that's okay.

It doesn't feel okay all the time.  I'm coming to terms with all the new emotions and desires I have.  But, for now, I am here and this is where I am content.  I am not settling.  I love the people I spend time with, I love the students I have in class and get to know, I love the scenery I drive through, I love meeting new people...I love it all.

I am gaining a new understanding of how important relationships are to me.  If you add people to almost all situations, whatever it is you are doing becomes better!  For now I will stay where I am, travel when I have the chance, and continue learning how to be a grown up (it's an ongoing process).

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