Friday, May 10, 2013

Dear Friday: Teacher Appreciation, Chocolate, and Girl's Night in a Boutique

Yay for subbing on Friday of Teacher Appreciation Week!
Dear Friday, it's 11:11 and today is great.
Dear School, I don't want you to end...what will I do without my students for the summer?
Dear Sunshine, thank you for two days of you!  The rain was nice, but I'm glad you're back.
Dear Teacher Appreciation Week Inventor, you are awesome.  Chocolate fondue, strawberries, pineapple, cookies, brownies, chocolate covered pretzels, and so much more...yuuum!
Dear Jamison, we need to have girl's night more often!  Talking, chick flicks, chocolate, tea...and all in a fabulous boutique.  Yes.  The best.
Dear Life, you are still complicated, beautiful, sad, happy, and all around...wonderful and busy.
Dear England, I'm coming.
Dear Wimbledon, best birthday ever....I'm anticipating you excitedly!
Dear Weekend, I'm ready for you.

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