Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Early Morning Calm

"Prince" Caspian
Photo by K.L.R.

The sliding door is open, Caspian is lying at it looking out, and I'm eating a yummy, refreshing breakfast (my tea needs to be warmed).

I love quiet mornings, especially in the spring and summer.
Still, morning air waking up.
A light breeze that carries the bird's chirping.
The sun not yet above the moments, thus making it permissible to stay in my pajamas a little while longer.

Relaxing early morning hours that evolve into productive mid to late mornings are bliss.
This doesn't mean I have a "To Do" list a mile long...although, it is rather lengthy.

My thoughts are wandering from the article I need to write to my pending trip to England to my dear friend in France to whether or not I'll make it to Paris.  Oh, and then there is a day trip to Oxford that would be fun.

I'm becoming more and more excited about my upcoming trip to England.

This summer is going to be amazing.
I don't think I've looked forward to an entire summer this much in quite some time.

Today I get to play tennis.
With my newly restrung racquet.
It's amazing what good strings will do.
While playing yesterday, I hit a shot--that you'd expect to go in--but when it did, I was happily surprised....and realized it was because of my awesome new strings!

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