Friday, May 31, 2013

Dear Friday: Life Is Mostly Great

Junior Prom 2013
Photo by K.L.R.
Dear Friday, so glad you arrived and brought a half day of school with you!
Dear Paris, I'm coming to visit!  I am going to love you, I just know it!
Dear England, Can't wait to see you, either.  It's been too long!
Dear Life, I need a little break.  This afternoon, I will rest.
Dear French Open, please come back into my life!
Dear Spring, I think you don't like us this year.
Dear Sunshine, thank you for shining!
Dear Creation, you take my breath away.
Dear Brother, you are so grown up!  I'm glad you had fun at prom : )
Dear Students, I still think you all are great.
Dear Graduates, I'm excited for you as you step from one adventure into another!

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