Monday, June 24, 2013

How Two Visits to Kroger Made My Night

Periodically I experience moments that make me love life more than usual and very grateful to live in a small area.

After work I finished packing and began my list of errands.
I found myself at Kroger--twice.

The first time I hear, "Hi Kirsten!"
I look up and try to verify the speaker (I'm having eye problems that make recognizing people difficult--I apologize if I've looked at you in the past week and not said hello).
It's Matthew, a student and the little brother of a friend.
He and I chatted briefly.
It made my day that he so brightly said hello to me.

The second time I went in, I ran into Jon and Uncle David, and then I saw someone at the cash register I knew.
So, when it was time to check out, I went through Melissa's line, and we caught up.  Then Scarlet pulled in the lane two people behind me.  So, we had a little social party in the check out line.

Scarlet and I talked all the way out to her car.
Then I saw someone else I recognized--finally.
And, then two more people I had to say hello to.

Oh, and last but certainly not least, I waved goodbye to my cute little brother who was getting carts.

As I walked away, I was filled with a joyful love of the area.
I love getting to know everyone.

P.S.  It struck me today that I am going to miss my town council meeting tomorrow night : (
Someone else gets to write the article.
At least I'll be headed to England : )

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