Monday, July 2, 2012

The Day the News Became Us

Have you heard the title "The Day the Roof Fell In"?

Well, my roof did not fall in, thankfully.  Although, some people's roofs did.

However, electricity is still off, temperatures are hot, trees are down, and elderly people are being moved out of their homes.

Most summers when heat waves go through places I am on the reading end.

This summer, it is in my town.  I spoke with a nurse yesterday who lost 2-3 of her patients to the heat.  I was stunned.

Yet, through the entire experience people have been bonding.  It is beautiful to see churches joining forces and working with town and county officials to help everyone with no air conditioning.

This is not a case of poor and rich, this is a case of people who have electricity and people who do not have electricity.

I do ask that you pray for the areas affected by the storm.  It is taking its toll on people and has no partiality.

People unloading Gatorade at the Life House

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