Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Weekend I Turned 21!

My birthday weekend was fabulous!

The lovely Rebekah Fern Somerville drove from North Carolina to visit. (We missed Abbie, also from North Carolina.)

We talked, watched the Dukes of Hazard, ate Ice Cream (Turkey Hill Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough...amazing!)....all in the first night!

Saturday, July 7, Daddy's and my actual date of birth, was a lovely day.

Mama made tea and crumpets, with marmalade, while watching the women's finals at Wimbledon.
She did the same thing 21 years earlier (except it was July 6) for Daddy before having me the next day, on his birthday, like he wanted!

Around 12:30 family began to arrive.  We enjoyed a good time talking, laughing, and preparing to go tubing.

Ginny, Cody, and Bradley joined a little while later, and we all trooped off to the river.  We put in around 4:15 and landed at Griffith around 6:45-7:00, depending on the pace.

The water was a little low...which led to laughs as we tried to drag ourselves over the rocks, in inches of water, trying to not have to stand.  It worked sometimes.

Bradley wore his little floaties and walked, swam, held on to his mommy, and floated on top of numerous people.

Exhausted, we landed and finally headed back home.

Hot dogs, watermelon, chips, and pink lemonade were heartily eaten...until we were filled. 

Then, I had TWO cakes (because I had mentioned wanting both so as not to have to choose.  I then chose, but Mama surprised me).  My caked were Chocolate pound cake with chocolate buttercream icing (AMAZING) and white cake with pink peppermint icing (also AMAZING).

I received PINK champagne (Thank you, Aunt Barbara) and a number of Arthur Q. Couch's books (Thank you, Mama) and numerous other gifts from my dear family and friends! 

Thank you Family and Becky and Kevin for a wonderful coming of age birthday.


P.S. A few more for good measure

Becky and me with her Blackberry Bounce (homemade)!

Trying it!  Mmmm...bubbly!

With the giver of the Pink Champagne!

My incredible gifts from Mama, a large selection of books!

Ending the night with sparklers!

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