Friday, July 13, 2012

Sharing The Sound of Music

Imagining the way a child sees things through the filter of our own childhoods is a special experience as we come of age.

This afternoon Elizabeth, Isabelle (3), and I watched part of The Sound of Music.  I love the movie and was watching to see how Isabelle responded.  While watching both the movie and her, I was thinking back to the first time I saw the movie.

I was five.  Mama, Daddy, and I watched it.  It was such a long movie, we paused it after the party, after Maria left, just as the screen went to the wide shot of the front of the house.  A cliff hanger, right?

My favorite scene used to be when Liesl and Rolfe kissed in the gazebo.

Now, I watch the movie and say, "I've been there."

It's special to share things I love with children I love.

A little blurry, but so sweet!

Getting ready to watch the movie!

This smile gets me EVERY time.


  1. I concur! Dwight Eisenhower has been a favorite historical figure since I was a boy. One of my fondest memories of my Army days was when we traveled to his home in Abeliene, Ks. There is a well known photograph of Ike with his brothers, sitting on the poorch. I was able to "recreate" that photo with my three sons and I in approx. the same positions. (what a lark!) It is just those sort of things that make being a parent fun....but no one said you have to be a parent to stir discovery or wonder in a child, and it seems you are well on your way Kirsten!

    1. That is such a neat story! What a cool memory to have.

      Thank you! I enjoy sharing special things from my childhood with younger kiddies : )


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