Thursday, July 26, 2012

River Time & Blackberries!

Abby, Amanda, and I decided to have a picnic and go swimming this afternoon.

I packed a basket of bread, cheese, jam, books, and Vogue.
We had a drink cooler of pink lemonade.
And, champagne and wine glasses for drinking.  (they make everything more fun)

We had to hunt for a while, finally stopping at Warm Springs Market for directions.
When we reached Hidden Valley and decided to sit on the concrete section of the bridge.

We enjoyed the view...

And sat with our feet in the water...

As we left, Amanda and Abby wanted to ride in the back.
Since they were old enough, I decided to let them : )

Driving out, I had to stop and shoot the view!

After dropping the girls off at their various locations, I went to the upper farm and picked blackberries!

The fields were full of Queen Anne's Lace and other flowers!

While driving over the mountain I passed this family of horses.

It was a truly wonderful time.
I can't wait to do it again!

P.S.  I recommend drinking pink lemonade out of special glasses while sitting in the river!
Very refreshing!

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