Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Very Long day

A review of Saturday:

Last night a storm the size of West Virginia flattened trees and strewed leaves across yards.

The family was in the family room watching The Dukes of Hazard when suddenly, ziiip, the power went out as if a conductor had brought a concert to a halt.

I looked out the window and beheld winds that were so strong it was a surprise I had not heard them.

We hurried out to the porch to gather clothes that had been drying.  As I was coming inside I looked over to the neighbors just in time to see a a tree fall over onto a roof and sparks fly as a wire of some sort was hit.

Our next door neighbor had half a tree fall.  It fell the exact opposite direction from where the car was parked.

Today I took Nikki to Richmond to meet her mom.  We stopped in Waynesboro.  After passing two lights in confusion, I called 911 and reported a "concern" that the stoplights were not working.  I was informed the electricity was out.

I am now back home after...
-three failed breakfast stop attempts
-an early birthday lunch, courtesy of Nikki (at Chick Fil A!)
-getting my numbers transferred to a new phone
-Going to two Lowes (the first one was the wrong one) and getting a generator and 3 gas containers
-Stopping for gas in Waynesboro and waiting, waiting, waiting...
-getting trash bags to go under the gas containers...that were then holding gas
-And, attempting to get a slushie from Sheetz...they weren't working

I'm tired.  I need to have an attitude adjustment (although, it's doing better now).
Thankfully the church has power, which means AC and internet (I will be streaming Miss VA...unless I get bored)

Oh, did I mention we are having intense heat?  Yep.

And, I listened to NPR toward the end of my time coming home.  I need to watch All the President's Men again!

Well, before the night was over, I even had notes for a new article!  Hooray!

The tree that fell in our neighbor's yard!

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