Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday's Letters: Olympics, Blackberries, and My Countries!

Dear Blackberries, thank you for being so delicious in my cobbler.  Dear UK, thank you for letting me claim you as one of my countries!  I am watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony!  Very impressive and entertaining.  Dear Virginia, I love you in the summertime!  I love your beautiful mountains and rivers.  Dear Abby and Amanda, I had so much fun with you yesterday!  Dear Saturday, I'm excited to watch Pride and Prejudice with Mama and Scarlet.  Dear Queen Elizabeth II, way to be awesome!  I already knew you played Wii with your grandchildren, and now you are hanging out with James Bond and parachuting from helicopters.  Dear Self, I am considering getting a corgi.  Dear Weather, THANK YOU for cooling down!!!!!  Dear Weekend, I'm excited for all that is in store!

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  1. Dear Kirsten, glad I helped to make you proud to be British

  2. Dear Daughter... thank you for your amazing blog.


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