Monday, July 16, 2012

Piles and Piles of Used Books

Yesterday afternoon, after visiting the Salem Fair, Elizabeth and Michael introduced me to an incredible used bookstore.  Givens Bookstore.

I walked in and was awestruck and the number of books.  Shelves stuffed to the gills and stacks growing from the floors made the aisles like a treasure hunt.

Although the books were listed alphabetically by author, they were mixed around a bit.

I found copies of the Elsie Dinsmore books that were around 100 years old.  I had to fight not to buy them.  They were originally in the Clifton Forge Library. 

Beautiful old copies of Little Men and Jo's Boys begged me to buy them.
I had to refuse.

Amelie (17 mo.) and Isabelle (3) enjoyed running around and looking at books.

Amelie carried this one, finally dropping it on the floor:

Dracula...and later, a home, she picked up Nietsczhe

I specifically looked for the Anne of Green Gable books and found some beautiful copies!  One in particular was given as a Christmas gift in 1920.  The cover is lovely.

I love the cover!

I love notes in books!

Crammed, stuffed, and overflowing!

I only bought one of these. 
Then I found the Anne of Green Gables Books, and bought five.

The Children's Section...My Favorite!

All in all, a fabulous trip to one of the best used bookstores I have ever been privileged to visit.


  1. I love that!! We had a great used bookstore in the town we used to live in. I could find 120-year-old pocket-sized editions of shakespeare plays. I gobbled that stuff right up!

  2. Wow, that's so cool! Where is this bookstore exactly? :)


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