Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ahhh....Dear Loverly Weekend On the Coast!

If you are funny like my uncle you will make fun of me for generalizing "the coast" since I am on an island....hence, surrounded by coasts : )

I saw my first sheep of my trip yesterday!

Now, I would say "close your eyes and imagine...." but you can't close your eyes and imagine because you won't know what you are supposed to be imagining.  So, read and then close your eyes and imagine, when I tell you!

I am living right outside of London (technically I am in London).  I live on a busy road (I can hear the cars driving by as I type) and can get anywhere I need to via bus.  If you walk down the hill about 2 minutes trees abound, there is a golf course, and further down is a farm.  (Try to imagine this).

Now, my heart has been longing for green, rolling hills, old houses, flowering gardens, narrow back roads, and Kent.  Well, yesterday and today my desire was satisfied!  Today, when we left the caravan we drove along the coast.  English houses trimmed with flowing gardens abounded.  Fields full of sheep ran along the road as well.  We reached several towns and they are so quaint and full of character!  Brick and stone buildings with window boxes full of flowers!  Decorative edging around the doorways.  Beautiful, old windows!  Oh, take away the cars and replace the roads and you could be transported back two or three hundred years (and trust me, I would LOVE that)!  Uncle Gavin and I took the dog for a walk through the park along the river.  Positively picturesque or book like!  Do you know the pictures that have someone sitting along some European river on a low wall fishing?  YES!  That!  With two swans and six cygnets (swan babies).  There were also three or four ducks! Yes, the dog wanted to chase them.  Oh, in the grass are little daisy-like flowers...but they are very low to the grass!  So beautiful!  In the distance, just past the beautiful, English houses were the green, rolling hills!!!  *Ready?  Set... Imagine!*

So, that ended my lovely caravan, World Cup, sudoku, freezing cold beach, two ends of a rainbow, early to bed, early to rise, sausage, egg, and toast with marmite, loads of tea, one cup of hot chocolate, good book, and GREAT company weekend = )


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  1. Sounds like an absolutely heavenly combination Kristen! So glad you got to see sheep!


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