Thursday, June 17, 2010


I love them.
I love to read them.
I think like one.
I think about writing one.
I sometimes feel as if I am in one.

The way my mind works is I play situations out as if it were a novel.  I then tend to act the way I think the heroine/main character would act.  I love reading old novels.  I love reading old mysteries.  I love reading Enid Blyton.  She is an English author who died in the 60's but before she died she wrote 600 books.  She wrote the infamous Noddy books.  The Famous Five.  The Secret Seven.  Mallory Towers.  As well as many many more!  I have read many of them!  Since being in England I have, on many occasions, felt as if I was in one of those books.

Yesterday we went for a walk and Mary and the kids showed me The Secret Garden.  Almost the whole time I was walking there I felt as if I should be trying to solve some mystery in an Enid Blyton story.  Yes, I would love that!

A few other things yesterday, I discovered dogs in England can be very well behaved!  As in, I would actually like one....maybe.  Although, I still love cats!  These dogs just roam freely in the park without a lead on and BEHAVE!  It is crazy!

We were walking along and Julia found a pine cone.  However, in her excited voice she said, "LOOK!  A coconut!!!" Hahaha I laughed so much because she kept saying it.  Then she called them "polkadots"!  Then...she called them "cocopats."  Oh. My. Word.  Hilarious!!!

We found a castle.  Well, they knew where it was.  I got to see it = )  I want to explore a castle!  Find a secret passageway and a mystery that needs solving!

Well, au revoir!

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  1. You are having tooooo much fun - I love it. Keep the stories coming Kirsten!


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