Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Superheroes Have Landed....The Children Have Played....I am worn out = )

See, Friday was Jude's 5th birthday.  In their family the sibling of the birthday child receives presents on the birthday of their sibling also!  Needless to say, due to needing to know their size, both children have known what they were getting on Jude's birthday (part of what they were getting).  Jude:  An Iron Man 2 costume.  Julia:  A Batgirl costume.  They opened these presents with great delight and proceeded to put them on : )  They each were also given a light saber!  I then HAD to tell them about the light saber battles that happen at school : )  AND the one in OT Freshman year!

We were then planning to attend the fun fair.  The kids got dressed, hats and all, and off we trooped to the bus stop.  When we got on the bus I had quite the little surprise.  The lady sitting next to Mary was discreetly plucking her chin hairs while sitting there.....hmmm

Well, when we got off at the fun fair bus stop we had a surprise.  They were not opening until the next day...bummer.  The kids handled the let down very well and instead we got ice cream.  On the way to the ice cream truck I noticed sun bathers on the heath. Turns out in England they go all out....bathing suit tanning with no water around (yes, there was a guy in a speedo).

We decided to go to the park near where they used to live.  This was not supposed to be much longer than fifteen minutes but the ice cream eating slowed us down a good bit.  Goodness...there are so many stores I want to just meander through some afternoon!!!  As we were walking to the park we walked through this neighborhood that was beautiful and quiet and I kept being transported back to my Enid Blyton books (as well as others).  *Side Note:  The roses in England are positively beeyootiful!*  So, we arrived at the park and it was lovely!  The children played on the playground (Julia was quite the little miss adventure).  I kept feeling as if I was familiar with the area I was in when in actuality I had never been there.  I realized it reminds me of St. James Park and Hyde Park in London.  I can't wait to go into Central London!  I miss it! So many fond memories!  ONE WEEK!

Well, we then had lunch at the cafe next to the playground.  This is where my first bit of "culture shock" began.  The menu was huge.  I don't like the pressure of ordering at counters when I am not familiar with the menu which is basically everywhere except Starbucks (and even then I can't always decide if I am leaning towards something new).  So, I had to ask what a baguette was.  Then I had to figure out what the yummy things I had seen outside were (they were crepes).  Then I had to order.  Well...the guy behind the counter was patient enough.  So, I finally ordered (and asked for no mayonnaise).  So, we go outside and wait.  I am looking around and I realized I kept thinking I was in France....I am not sure why.

Anyway, we got some more ice cream and began to walk back....however, Julia was not too happy so we began to sing:
"The zebras (pronounced the English way) go marching one by one hoorah hoorah
the zebras go marching one by one hoorah hoorah,
the zebras go marching one by one
the little one stopped to suck his thumb
and they all went marching down, to the zoo, to get out, of the rain..." (Lyrics courtesy of Mary Pfeiffer).

This continued through 9 (we skipped 4).  We then hopped on a bus to go to "a dangerous part of London" (Daddy, don't worry, no one was shot ; ) )  We went to the Lewisham market where Mary gave me £10.  I was then supposed to go vegetable shopping in the market.  "Culture Shock 2,"  I have never gone shopping in a I barter or do I buy at cost?  I buy at cost.  So, for £5 I bought to bunches of asperagus, a bowl of carrots, a bowl of grapes, and a bowl of broccoli.  Yummy!  I now I feel I could go back and be fine buying veggies.  Maybe it was also the fact I was doing this for the first time in front of someone instead of doing it by myself so if I do something dumb there is no one to look dumb in front of...prideful I know...but nonetheless.  Next Mary needed to buy some things for Jude's birthday party so while she did that Jude and Julia rode a merry-go-round ride and then went on a bouncy thing.  Then we waited for Mary....she had my phone so I could not call we stood and watched people go by.  There were so many people of all different colors and cultures.  The area we are in has some of that but not as much at all!  So, that was interesting!

Well, then Julia told me she had "wee wee'd" in her when Mary got there we walked all the way to the other side of the shopping mall to a corner where we could change Julia only to find out she had not.  Who knows?  So, off we went back through the mall to the 99p store (their dollar store).  Ok, SO much nicer than ours.  Yes, it is cheaper stuff....but our dollar stores in America do not sell three Lindt eggs fro 99p.  Oh my gracious!!!  I will be visiting and stocking up on some chocolate sometime soon....maybe.  At least ONE egg!  I mean...come on...and I will think of my lovely RA while eating it = )

So, we left there and walked to the bus stop, hopped on, and began the trip back.  Well, being the kind person that I am (yes yes I know...and humble too ; P) I gave my seat to an older lady (ok, I was in priority seating and there are sign up saying if someone comes in who needs a seat to please give it up).  So, I go to the standing area and just as I am reaching behind to pull my shirt down a little bit the bus moves and I almost lose my footing and quickly grab hold of the railing as Mary mouthes to me "blog."  *laugh* She is good at this : )

Well, we arrived home...absolutely exhausted!!!  I sat down and turned the tele on to the French Open! NADAL WAS PLAYING!!!!!  Well, I decided to cook a quick a phone call to my wonderful father (who is a scrumptious chef) and he told me how to prepare the chicken and vegetables. So, two and a half hours later we ate : )  Thankfully...the one piece of chicken that was not fully cooked landed on my plate so everyone else had cooked chicken.  The asperagus was delish, and the carrots...a tad crunchy for my liking...I will do them differently next time.  Oh AND I made a yummy punch and we got to sip it out of wine glasses = )  I love drinking things out of wine glasses!

Well...then another present from moi, cake and candles, and then a movie and bed.  All in all a VERY busy but fun and full of learning day!

Well, yesterday (Saturday) was Jude's birthday party with his little friends.  I kept thinking about the Alfie and Annie Rose book when Alfie has a birthday party and wondered if it would be like that....I will have to go back and read the book : )

We had face painting, a fishing pool, a tossing game, a treasure hunt, food, food, and more playing.  I was exhausted by the end of the day!

There was one little girl who is half Pakistani and she was wearing a pakistani dress ( I cannot think of the name of it but people at school where them sometimes and I think the begin with a "P"). was a BEAUTIFUL turquoise with pink and sparkly accents!!!

The kids had a grand time!

At one point in the evening when Jude and Julia were playing with one last friend his friend said, "Oh my God!"  Jude replied with, "You're not allowed to say Oh My God *waved hand* say, Oh my word!" HA!  I totally taught him to say Oh my word = )  It was just really cute because then they had a little conversation about why : )

Well, we watched the Britain's Got Talent finale...I suggest watching the winners!  They were amazing!
I am still waiting to watch my movie....maybe after The Men's Finals at the French Open (which begins in 27 minutes!!!)!

Well, that summarizes my last two days (sorry it is a bit long, Chris ; ) )

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